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Setting Your Goals in 2020


Setting Your Goals in 2020

Setting Goals 

“Goals enable you to do more for yourself and others, too.” ~ Zig Ziglar

One of the most important lessons I have learned in in 2019 was to make sure I set, adjusted, and aligned my goals

and mindset. This has been an ongoing process and I have learned that it is ok to change things as I work through my goals and process, however learning to know when to change and realign my goals has been just as import as setting the initial goal. 

Trust your Intuition and step outside your comfort zone

Learn to trust your intuition and step outside your comfort zone and do things to serve your goals. Stepping outside of your comfort zone might be necessary to achieve your goals, and learning to adjust your mindset is a big part of stepping outside of your comfort zone AND aligning your mindset with your goals. Who do you serve? Make your intention is to serve first –

meaning give good service – having great products, you will attract the clients and customers that can’t wait to work with you. 

Deciding what and who you serve is the next step in achieving this goal.

You need to know who and what you serve with your products and services. Know where you stand – and be able to

tell others what your values, vision, and mission is. Take some time to deceive what your why is. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Why is it important? Why is it important to? 

Get some help.

There is no reason to go about alone. Influencers are called influencers for a reason. Find someone that is doing the things you love and ask them questions, look at the things they are doing. Find out if you can learn from them.  

Get a coach, coaches give guidance, clarity and direction to help you see your goals through. You will

have to p ay your coach a fee and coaches are paid to help you achieve your goals. Coaches might assign you tasks or

give your directions for your goals, but you must complete these projects and do the work yourself. The strategies

your coach comes up with for you will be examined and tested sometimes retested to see what works and what may need improving. Coaches usually have broad experience that can bridge the gap on your goals. 

Find a Mentor – a mentor is someone who has experience in your field or area of interest. A mentor is a teacher and

someone to guide you through your goals. The relationship is usually someone you might know personally or professionally and has built naturally. Use your mentor to share ideas, and get  feedback. Mentors are typically free. 

Classes and courses from subject matter experts are a way to gain the needed skills to achieve your goals and to set

yourself in the RIGHT direction.  

Be open to change 

Learn to have some flexibility. Not being to open to change can greatly hinder your goals. Being open to feedback and criticism is key to progress. There are many ways to achieve a goal and knowing when to switch directions can save

a lot of headache. Having the wrong alignment in your goals can set you on a path of procrastination, wasted time, and


The outcome is not the same for everyone, everything that you are doing or working on, it may differ for each business or person, but things tend to fall in place when you hard at their goals and putting in the long hours -You will find that when you align your goals and mindset with your talent and hard work – opportunities will become available to you and made for you. Set yourself up for success and follow through with your goals.

Follow the steps below to help you complete your goals

1.   List and prioritize your goals

2.  Join groups of like minded individuals – Find groups on Facebook, Meetup , and Instagram

3.  Take classes and courses related to your goals

4.  Determine your Vision

5. Evaluate your Mission

6.  Develop your Values

7.  Find a Mentor

8.  Get a Coach

9.  Make a plan to implement your goals

10.  Make yourself accountable

11.   Align and Adjust your goals and mindset as things change

“Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent.” ~Venus Williams

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Download the branding checklist

Get started on your brand with these valuable tips.